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Pilar Fernandez

12/14/20235 min read

Right now, everyone needs tech experts. As things go digital, there's a bigger demand for software creators. The US has lots of tech chances, but there's not enough talent. There's a fix: Latin America is all set to help with US software needs.

As of now, the US has many tech job openings, but there aren't enough professionals to fill them. By 2030, the world might lack 85 million workers, causing a massive $8.5 trillion revenue loss. The US itself might be short by 6 million workers. According to the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), in 2022, over 804,000 tech jobs were empty in the US. To dig deeper, in 2021, software engineers in the US had a super low unemployment rate of just 1.5%, leaving 500,000 jobs open.

Outsourcing is a game-changer for businesses, letting them expand by handing over their development projects to experts from different companies and sometimes different countries. Software outsourcing, in particular, speeds up development by bringing in foreign engineers and other tech roles or even forming entire teams to create products from scratch.

Beyond accessing top talent in new areas, outsourcing cuts out the hassle of hiring, onboarding, and admin tasks. It's a budget-friendly solution that matches local expertise, among other perks.

Let’s deep into the Latin America outsourcing scene and its distinct advantages for businesses seeking the perfect outsourcing match.


Latin America ranks as the third most favored outsourcing destination worldwide. Around 25% of foreign companies currently outsource business processes to Latin American countries, as highlighted in Capgemini's Executive Study of Outsourcing.

Furthermore, Latin America stands out as the second-strongest market for software engineer growth globally, as indicated by the Global Developer Population and Demographic Study 2019 by Evans Data Corp. Forecasts suggest that the nearshore services outsourcing market in South America will witness significant growth, expanding by an estimated USD 33.68 billion from 2020 to 2025.

Additionally, Latin America boasts the fastest projected growth in the IT industry among all regions. Projections indicate a robust revenue growth rate of 5.3% throughout the 2020s, surpassing the global average by 2 points, which stands at 3.3%.

Top advantages
High Talent

According to Statista, Latin America boasts over 1 million skilled developers ready to offer outsourcing services. Countries like Colombia and Argentina see a significant number of students specializing in science, technology, math, and IT fields. These nations host some of the best tech colleges in Latin America, according to QS' University Rankings.

Argentina stands out with over 100,000 dedicated developers focused on outsourcing. With more than 37 tech hubs meeting international standards, Argentina leads in various tech rankings like Python and Javascript, according to Coursera's Global Skills Index Report 2020. Moreover, it demonstrates one of the highest percentages of women graduating from tech programs.

Uruguay exhibits around 11% enrollment in Engineering programs, producing approximately 1 engineer for every 8,000 inhabitants. The early incorporation of tech education and work opportunities during college contribute to Uruguayans' advantage in the job market. Additionally, government initiatives have expanded access to computer science education and broadband internet, benefiting over 85% of the population.

Notably, the affordability of education in Latin America, with average tuition costs ranging from $2k to $15k, significantly contrasts with the US, where costs vary from $37k to $159k. This distinction highlights Latin America's accessibility and potential for nurturing skilled tech professionals.


You might wonder how we afford such amazing talent, right? Truthfully, it's probably going to cost you less than hiring someone in your own office or even getting a US company to help out. In the US, a software developer typically earns over $95k per year, but in Latin America, an engineer with similar skills might earn about half of that. This is because the cost of living in Latin America is lower, so wages are also less.

In the US, IT jobs often pay more because there aren’t enough people to fill them. So, companies have to offer higher salaries to get workers.

When you outsource, you save a lot of money you'd spend on finding and training people. The outsourcing partner takes care of getting the team ready and motivated, saving you time and money. It's like having more flexibility and moving faster, with less hassle for you.

Excellent English and Communication Skills

English proficiency holds immense significance in today's global business landscape. Latin American nations recognize this and are actively investing in enhancing English skills across their population. These countries have implemented policies to facilitate language learning, particularly aiming to increase the number of English-speaking tech specialists in the IT market.

A strong command of English is pivotal for staying abreast of global industry advancements. As Latin America seeks to export its talent to various parts of the world, ensuring engineers meet specific communication and quality standards becomes essential. This commitment to linguistic proficiency aligns with the goal of maintaining competitiveness and meeting international benchmarks in the tech sphere.

According to the 2022 EF English Proficiency Index, Argentinians score the highest in English in the South American region in academics, followed by Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, and others.

Growing infrastructure

Latin American countries are working hard to get better at offering outsourcing services. They're improving their tech stuff to make it more modern and cool.

More people in Latin American countries are now able to afford better things, and because of the pandemic, everyone's doing more things online. This made countries like Brazil, Chile, and Colombia triple their tech endeavors in the last 5 years.

Also, the governments in these places are doing lots of things to help tech grow. For example, Argentina made a law (Law 15,339) to support companies that work with technology. And in Uruguay, they made it easier for companies from other countries to start working there by reducing some taxes.

It's all making Latin America a really good place for companies that want to do cool tech stuff.

Closer time-zones within the US

In Latin America, our time is pretty close to the US time. This makes it easy for us to talk a lot with the team you hire from here. We can quickly answer questions, talk about what's next, and work together well.

But if you choose places like Eastern Europe or Asia for outsourcing, the time difference is huge! It can be more than a whole day! That makes it hard to talk and work together without any problems.

Cultural fit

Being close neighbors has more benefits than just overlapping time zones and easy travel. Our cultures, the way we work, and what we like are quite similar. We both follow a lot of Western values, especially when it comes to how we work. This makes it really easy for our teams to work together smoothly. Things like meeting deadlines, how we talk to each other, rules for working from far away, and even the quality we expect are pretty much the same. It's a lot simpler for the teams to get used to each other.

On a personal level, we also have a lot in common when it comes to what we like to do for fun or our daily routines. That makes it easier for people to connect and maybe even become friends.

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